Region 15 is pleased to announce our judges for the Region 15 Championships – July 1-5, 2020!

For the Firecracker Classic Pre-show – we have Duane Esser for Main Ring and Brian MacMahon for Sport Horse. Region 15 Main Ring is Brian Murch ( Canadian Nationals Judge ), Bruce McCrea ( US Nationals Judge ) and LaRae Fletcher Powell who will also be judging Working Western. 

Sport Horse Hunter Type & Hunter over Fences – Stella Prescott. Sport Horse Dressage Type & Western Dressage/Dressage – Brian MacMahon and Dressage/Western Dressage – Natalie Lamping. 

We are looking forward to a great show this year! The Virginia Horse Center has added the Big Ass Fans and upgraded lighting in Anderson Arena and is working on barn improvements and the footing !! NO FIREWORKS this year either! 

Be sure to say Hello to our Paddock Manager – Donnie Bullock ( US Nationals Judge ) and In Gate – Scott Brumfield ( Youth Nationals Judge ). 

We have a great team 😊 Please plan to join us!!