2020 Region 15 Garland Sponsorship Program

Hello, Region 15 participants and clubs. Garland Sponsorships is an excellent way to show your support for the show and advertise your club or business.

Step 1 – Download the Garland Sponsorship form.

If you leave it an electronic PDF, it is fillable and can be emailed to :


Mailed is fine too, just do it by June 28th

Step 2 – Choose the classes you would like to sponsor. 

This found on page 11-16 of the prizelist.

Step 3 -Fill out the form with all the good stuff.

Tips: Make sure to add a website if applicable so we can mention you on our website as a sponsor.

If you’re not concerned about a particular class # to sponsor, you can just specify a division and you will be added to sponsorship for one that needs it.

Make sure to note in you are paying online if that is the case.

Send the form to Region15ShowSecretary@gmail.com

Step 4 – Pay for sponsorships

You may send a check, use the credit card form on page 24 of the prizelist, or keep it simple and pay right here with this button @ $52 per class sponsorship via Square

Garland Sponsorship