Region 15 Scholarship Program

Are you a Graduate & AHA member heading for college?

Region 15 would like to help.

For 2020 – One (1) $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded – Deadline in June 22

An applicant must be a current member of AHA and a current member of a Region 15 Club, must reside in Region 15, and must be a current college student, have already graduated high school, or is a graduating senior when applying.


2020 Region 15/ Tysinger Automotive Family

Youth Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic ability, leadership, community service, and

involvement in equine activities. Scholarship winners are to use the award toward

undergraduate educational expenses at institutions of higher learning. An institution of higher

learning is defined as one which may only be attended upon receipt of a high school diploma or

its equivalent, which includes colleges, universities, junior or community colleges offering an

associate degree, and trade schools providing education in a field leading to permanent


Region XV will offer one scholarship: one for $1000 graduating high school seniors to further

their educational studies.


Each applicant must be a current member of a Region XV club, must reside in Region XV, and

must be a graduating high school senior when applying.


1. Four Letters of recommendation as follows:

a. One from a horseman or horsewoman

b. One from an academic teacher or advisor

c. One from an adult member of your Region 15 Club

d. One from an employer or clergy or community leader

2. High school transcript, to be submitted after the fall semester of the current year.

3. Head and shoulder photograph of the applicant; photo to be approximately 3 x 5 inches.

4. Photograph of the applicant with an equine partner – informal or show (need photo permission).

5. Complete activities summary, with emphasis on equine-related activities. (See attached


6. Copy of current AHA membership card.

7. One page letter stating the applicant’s reasons for wanting a scholarship and personal goals

for furthering the educational experience.


For additional questions please contact Kathy Hetrick at email – 2020 Region 15

Scholarship Chairperson