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Elizabeth Humphries is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Region 15 – Special Meeting of the Board Of Delegates

Time: May 14, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Look forward to hearing you all Thursday at 6:30pm

Elizabeth Humphries

Per our Region 15 Bylaws, Article V, Section 3, I am requesting a Special Meeting of the Board Of Delegates to discuss 3 time sensitive items of Region 15 business.

I’d like to do a Zoom teleconference on Thursday, 14 May at 6:30pm.Please confirm your availability and receipt of this email.Elizabeth will forward a Zoom link tomorrow.  It is easy to use and much clearer that our usual free conference call method.

MOTION – by selecting “reply all” to this email and replying “I agree to waive the 20 day advance notice required for a BOD meeting” we can discuss and vote on time sensitive items on the agenda listed below.Voting by email is permissible under Article V, Section 6 of our Bylaws.

Agenda:1. Region 15 donation to AHA – AHA has asked for donations to the general operating fund from the regions and member clubs. I’ve contacted the club presidents and am asking if the Region would do matching funds up to a pre-determined amount or an outright donation of  $$. TBD. 

2. Discussion on a Proposed Region 15 Bylaw amendment to Article XII  – changing the current wording to include a Dissolution Clause detailing how we would dispose of our assets should the corporation dissolve.  Our Bylaws Committee is working on the wording which will be sent to the BOD for consideration as required by Article X of our Bylaws.

3. Relocation of the 2020 Region 15 Championships – due to the Virginia Governors timeline for re-opening the state and the ability to hold larger gatherings (phase 3) starting after our scheduled show dates – I propose we relocate the show to the Hunt Horse Complex at the Raleigh state fairgrounds.  Our same show dates are available and the state of NC is ahead of VA in their re-opening timeline.  In the event that their timeline changes and the show must cancel, we would receive a full refund of our deposit.  There are no later show dates currently available at the VHC to reschedule the show until around Thanksgiving. Holding the show at that time would be a moot point in my opinion.
This is very time sensitive as I must notify the judges and staff of the change so they may purchase airfare.  The 20 show patrons & training barns I’ve contacted today to see if they would support the move were overwhelmingly supportive. Over 1/3 of the regions have cancelled their shows, 1/3 are rescheduled for later in the summer, and 1/3 are still trying to hold their shows as scheduled.  I feel very strongly that it is our responsibility to hold a show if at all possible (upon careful consideration of the financial impact, of course).A contract with the Raleigh facility is significantly less expensive than the VHC. ( Starting with a savings of $9000 off the contract base rate for facility rental, and lower stall fees providing a profit of $92 each vs $60 at VHC ) The show committee and I would compare the expenses and revise our actual expenses in the show P & L.  Travel fees for the show staff may increase some, but the savings could reflect in lower judges airfare. Also the new Safety Mandates and Protocols put out by USEF have been reviewed and will be implemented to the best of our ability. This may result in some new costs to the show ( providing masks and gloves, and hand sanitizer for show staff and officials ).  The guidelines are being updated regularly by USEF as questions arise and may differ slightly by state and facility constraints. 

Thank you for your consideration and prompt response – stay healthy!!
Kimberly DickinsonUSEF Licensed Official – C2 r StewardRegion 15 Director & Show ManagerShow Manager – East Coast ChampionshipsAHANY Eastern Classic – Show Manager757-714-9737 CellRegion15Director@gmail.com

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